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Distinctive Features & Cost to Develop an App Like Airbnb

Read about how much does it cost to build an app like Airbnb? And, What are the essentials features to be integrated into the app?

The generation today is seeking on-demand solutions for almost everything. The travel and hospitality industries are no different. That’s the reason apps like Airbnb now hold around 15% of the share in the total vacation rental market. 

Airbnb has dominated the market for the last few years, because of its features and on-demand services at economical prices. It’s a one-stop solution for travelers, whether they want to book hotels, apartments, experiences, and more. Along with the travelers, the app is also helping the hosts to find new consumers easily for their homes and apartments. Today, Airbnb is serving more than 190 countries.

Many businesses in the travel and hospitality industries are now looking for a similar app like Airbnb development to grab the market share. The main questions for these businesses are: how much does it cost to build an app like Airbnb? What are the essential features to be integrated into the app?

In this article, we have answered both these questions perfectly.

Key features for an app similar to Airbnb 

Airbnb is a two-way marketplace- one for travelers, and the second for the hosts. The required features will be developed on the basis of both the marketplaces. 

  • Sign up & log in (both travelers & hosts)

New users should be able to register their accounts with an email address, phone number, or Gmail account. Once registered, there should be a direct option for logging in.  

  • Account management (both travelers & hosts)

Users should be able to update their account details, like the photo, email, contact number, date of birth, address, as well as password.  

  • Messaging and notifications (both travelers & hosts)

There should be chatting features so that the traveler can message the host, and receive instant replies and notifications, and vice versa.  

  • Search (travelers)

This is a must-include feature, enabling a seamless customer experience. Users should be able to type in the places, dates, pricing, etc. in a search bar and find the required results. 

  • Save for later (travelers)

While browsing the hotels, experiences, or homes, the users should be able to wishlist or save these for later.  

  • Payment methods (travelers)

Integrate multiple payment methods and currencies, allowing users to pay with the option of their preference. You can also enable discounts with coupons. 

  • Booking history (both travelers & hosts)

Allow users to check their past, recent, or upcoming bookings.  

  • Maps (travelers)

Integrate maps to allow users to check location, distance, nearby places, etc. 

  • Reviews (both travelers & hosts)

Travelers should be able to rate their experience and post the review. Whereas, hosts should also be able to rate the travelers. 

  • Support (both travelers & hosts)

Include an FAQ section, along with an option to seek support if they get stuck somewhere. 

  • Requests (hosts)

Allow hosts to accept or decline the travel requests. 

  • Share

Integrate a sharing button that enables users to refer the app to others.

Total cost to develop an app like Airbnb

 App like-Airbnb development cost will depend on several factors, like whether you want it for Android or iOS, or both, design, team, features, technologies used, etc.  

Let’s consider $50 per hour as the average cost per hour for the project. Following is a break-up of the cost on the basis of key factors:

  • Planning: Nearly 25 hours
  • API implementation: Nearly 25 hours
  • Database setup: 12 hours
  • Sign-up feature: 12 hours
  • Account management feature: 24 hours
  • Filter feature (whether to register as a traveler or host): 24 hours
  • Details: It will take around 180 hours to set up all the details related to rooms, photos, reviews, ratings, specifications, maps, pricing, and terms of service.
  • Sharing feature for referral: 24 hours
  • Save for later feature: 10 hours
  • Multilingual feature: 4 hours
  • Recommended places and locations: 10 hours
  • Navigation: 15 hours
  • Messaging feature: nearly 35 hours
  • Host settings: Around 100 hours
  • Backend development: Around 600 hours
  • Other services: 20 hours

It will take a total of nearly 1120 hours to complete the project. With $50 per hour, the total cost of an app like Airbnb will be around $56,000. 

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